Monday, April 20, 2009


The latest detail I am working out for our kitchen is where to place the microwave. I do not want it sitting on our countertop and a traditional placement above the stove will not work for us because the stove cooktop is in the island with a wall.
There are clever ways to hide the microwave now like on a lower built in shelf in a kitchen island or above the fridge like Anne Turner via Cottage Living did here: (I have a feeling Tony would not not go for this placement and I wonder if these people are 7' tall to reach that) I was wondering if we could place the microwave IN our pantry, but that idea was vetoed. Last week I saw this image from Elizabeth Martin which makes me think we can insert ours in the be determined Electrician is coming tomorrow!!!


Anonymous said...

So where are you gonna put yours

Amy said...

That darn microwave...don't let it be the end of you:)

Jennifer said...

I DESPISE having a microwave on the counter! we use it just enough to convince the hubby that there is no other logical place, though. siiiigh. be sure to let us know where you put your's when your reno is done!