Tuesday, June 9, 2009


NO. I am not pregnant. However, my friend Lindsay is expecting a little girl, Talitha.
Lindsay and David are moving out of their apartment to a destination currently unknown, and we're all praying they stay in Tallahassee. Since their location is uncertain, I think Lindsay should not focus on paint colors for the nursery but focus on objects that are transferable.
If Talitha is anything like her mom, she will hate pastels and monograms, so I'm staying away from those selections. How about a painted chandelier?
{or hot pink walls when it is time to paint?}

{ or abstract art on a canvas, easy to do?}

{decals to keep it youthful and if you're renting no harm done}

decal from etsy

{i think we can recreate something like this}

{wallflowers to tack up}
above "E" and wallflowers from urban outfitters

{i really cannot get enough letters}
{Talitha needs a mobile to distract her}

{nice quotes}
rooms from
Design Dazzle

from here

Linds- do these items make you sick? I think we should find some frames for the pottery barn alphabet you have from Tara.


Whimsy World said...

love, love, love your ideas! Can't wait to see how you decorate your own nursery one day.

paula said...

what lovely ideas. I absolutely love love the swings decal.