Tuesday, June 9, 2009


The refrigerator went in yesterday!!!!!!!!! It's a beauty. Not to brag but she's really really good looking and I'm so glad to have her in our house- serving the family.

We still need to wait on the floors to be re-stained and then they have to dry, so it will take a few more days until I can actually use my appliances.

In the meantime, the in-between time, I've been looking at a few recipes that I want to try out for the summer:

found here

and here

and here

you guessed it- click here


click away

I'm going to be hosting some dinner parties to celebrate the kitchen {and to repay our friends and family who have graciously had us over for dinner while we have been without appliances}

Note to self: it's not smart to look at delicious food around lunchtime. The images tell me I'm starving and want a cold beverage.


Little Household said...

that avocado salad looks awesome! Yay for the fridge!

Whimsy World said...

mmmmm. that last one looks yummy, can you invite me over ;)