Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Smitten Everything.

I want to expand Smitten Design to include all sorts of interests. This can include: food. family. friends. God. photography. travel. as-seen-on-tv-products. movies. news. dogs. books. art.
Today smitten expands to art and history.
This morning I've been reading Maira Kalman. Maira is an illustrator, author and designer. She has written and illustrated 12 children's books, and her artwork is featured in a recent edition of Strunk and White's "Elements of Style" . Ms. Kalman lives in New York City and teaches graduate courses in design at the School of Visual Arts. She writes "And the Pursuit of Happiness" about American democracy that will appear on the last Friday of each month {here}
Maira, I wish your work was around when I was in my history classes. Historical facts do not stick in my memory. I am constantly amazed how men remember historical dates, facts, names and places. {it's not always men, some women are great at this but in my circle the men recall this better than the women}
I know when we have kids they'll come home from school and ask questions that I'll have to respond with "daddy will tell you that later tonight" or I'll probably ask them " so who ended up winning that thing, the north or south?" or "oh yeah, the 16th president huh?" i should start learning now.
Anyways, here are some snippets but I recommend you just click on the links above.

above from In Love with Lincoln

I love the D.C.


lisa michelle loney said...

COME ON! i keep checking to see the finished product. you have me on pins and needles, a and t!

smitten design said...

Lisa- I was taking pictures last night and Tony said "no no, just wait for the finished product"
So, i'm watching the stain on the floors dry right now and we have to paint the trim and then... so many photos my blog might shut down!