Monday, June 29, 2009

New Camera.

There's a new addition in our home and it's a Rebel. I admire photography too much to not be dabbling in it myself.
He's my practice model. This is not the greatest photo, I just want you to see how hard it is to get mad at him when he: eats your designer sunglasses that your best friend gave you to protect your eyes from damaging UV rays {thanks Tiff}, nibbles on your ipod so you can no longer see the screen, chews your heels so you look like a hobo at work, too bad the list goes on- I just forget cause I love him.


Teri Andrea said...

speaking of this adorable model: need me to watch him this coming weekend? i'm game. samson said he'd love a new playmate! :)

Whimsy World said...

Oh jealousy is a sin. i must repent.... but I am so envious :) Have fun with it!!!