Tuesday, June 30, 2009


The fabric is done. The blinds are hung. {thanks Meredith, Bibb and Tony}

Would you like to know something both positive and negative I've discovered?
Positive first. Google shopping tab is amazing. Type in the product you are looking for, I set it to search for price: low to high, and BAM. Lots of options will be at your fingertips.

Second Positive: Overstock.com. The ship for a flat rate of $2.95. I ordered my blinds last Wednesday and they came in on Friday. Why have I not discovered them before?

Negative: I measured that dang window 3 times- it's 90.5" Wide. I opted to get (3) 30" blinds and they did not fit. The hardware was not the problem. The blinds were all 30". The window is in fact 90.5"...nothing can be easy.

Positive: Bibb cut one blind down to size on the spot. I told him one of his best features is his "can do attitude" and the fact that I am a recipient of his workmanship.

So here it is. The sun room, slightly incomplete. {we're debating adding a table of some sort but for now I moved a trunk to fill the space}

Before as a screened in porch where we ended up storing a lot of junk:

And after as a lovely sit-next-to-me-and-let's-sip-coffee-together


Whimsy World said...

remind me where your pillow fabric is from... I love it and want it for my room / master bath.. I painted it gray and am loving it!!! But I need to update the bedroom....

Jessica Ranjbari said...

ok, so I think I was blog stalking and found your blog from some friends of mine (I live in Talla. too)...and I have to know who closed your screened porch for you? You didn't do it yourself did you? We're hoping to do something similar to that and my husband needs to call Micah Heller (friends of ours recommended him) to get an estimate, but I was just curious...I love it!!

Design Esquire said...

Wow! That is an amazing transformation, and I love the fabric on the pillows! I just found from blog from a comment you left on Little Green Notebook.

Molly said...

What paint color did you use? It's exactly what I'm looking for in my master bath! :)

paula said...

gorgeous! I want to see more of your home, please. Is that weird?