Wednesday, June 3, 2009


We are nearing completion. If this kitchen were likened to a marathon, we're at mile 20.

The sink is running. I can clean the dishes here instead of the bathroom sink. :)

The countertops are complete

The backsplash creates a massive smile on my face

Our favorite part is the arch.

There are a punch list of items left - then I can take "clean & organized" pictures.


Little Household said...

The paint color looks great in the picture!

paula said...

So beautiful! The counters and backsplash, wow!

tara said...

I love it!! I will come over, and you and Buster will be sleeping in that kitchen. :)

elly e said...

Holy wow! I had no idea so much demo was going on at the cortese house. I thought we were just talking some fun ikat fabric to spice it up. Goodness I need to get your blog in my email. Can I do that.

Hey all I have to say is. Girl after my own heart. Wish I was there to get my hands dirty and esp for the lacquer stage.