Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wingate Kitchen.

My mom is dreaming of renovating her kitchen. {Good luck Mom! You should see if Nanu or Dale & Bridget will let you and Dad have the guest room for the meantime.}
Since you've asked, I'll start piling together some image ideas for the new digs. Here's a long skinner island that you can use. I love the thick countertops and take note of the pendants. Lighting and backsplash can be the crowning jewels of the kitchen. Don't know where I heard that- but it's pretty true.

I know you are not thinking of a white kitchen- I just like the glass cabinets and that stainless hood- add a ladder for those of us that cannot. Take advantage of those tall ceilings. Note the backsplash going to the ceiling- hello glamour.
I love an apron sink, be it cast iron, granite, concrete or marble. they are all so beautiful.
images here and here

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Whimsy World said...

That would be beautiful in their house! She definetly needs to go white it would open everything up!!!