Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Weekend at the Lake.

This past week Tony and I went to Chicago for a couple of days and then to his grandparents lake {Klinger} house in Sturgis, Michigan. I'll keep this post about the Lake.
Their town has a 3rd of July Celebration on the airport strip called "ribs on runway"

We also went to an Amish Flea Market called Shipshewana- with the yummiest homemade wheat pretzels one could ever eat. ever.

Here were some of my favorite items that did not make it home with me
{Jen, this reminded me of Luke}
I've been searching for a step stool just like this one for our kitchen but I did not want to hassle with getting it home. I'm still hoping to stumble upon one here in Tallahassee.

We did spend a lot of time playing/learning euchre {Tony with cousin Paul and uncle Boo}
Oh this was my favorite house on the Lake. Can't you tell a designer lives here? Apparently the owner has 2 stores and occasionally has garage sales in her yard with items from her store and her home. Unfortunately she did not host one while I was there.

Klinger Lake.
Tony with his adorable cousin Ty.
Oh my word.
Klinger at sunset
And the energetic girls: Tori {friend}, Emma {cousin} and Hannah {cousin}. They were fun girls- into headbands, eyeliner, sports, texting and always asking if we'd take the boat out for them.


Whimsy World said...

Laney loves the picture of the girls. She "tryin to see" she says every time I scroll past them.

pam said...

i love your life!!!--xoxo mom