Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Atlanta Round 2: Homes.

What is it about this city that I love so much? Of course the shopping and the restaurants are fantastic and unique, but for me a trip to Atlanta is not complete without walking through the neighborhoods.
My love of Atlanta started a few years ago when I discovered a midtown neighborhood off the beaten path of I75/85 known as Virginia Highlands. This area is full of cottage style homes, sidewalks and parks. I am obsessed with the idea of living in a walking district city and the restaurants and shops of the Highlands are perfect to spend a Saturday strolling around.

This past trip I had a new neighborhood to walk through and explore: Buckhead, particularity Capital City Club/golf course. I woke up early on Sunday morning and set out with my camera strapped around my neck. I know I had to look peculiar to the early morning joggers and bikers as I took pictures of people's front yards like the paparazzi, but these homes provide so many with ideas I'd love to incorporate into my own home.
Please excuse some of my pictures. I wanted to get closer up and zoom in on doors and windows but I would simply click and keep walking. No need to be a freak about gathering photos!
Without further ado, I give you home/ landscaping pictures that caught my eye:

Here's what I love about this neighborhood: there is not one "style" of home. Some are brick, others are wood, some homes are stucco and stone but they all value fantastic landscaping. There is ivy abounding on the walls, doors and garages.
In this picture below it's the privacy hedge which I want to grown in our yard. {Our neighbors are much too close}

I do not think I'd be friends with this person:

There's something about the simplicity of this home I love. The steel framed windows...awesome

A grand entryway to a secret garden:

This house was entirely symmetrical and lovely:

This was one of my favorite homes. It was set back on the property and smaller than the average home in this neighborhood, yet it had more lush greenery than most.

This home was located somewhere off Mt. Paran Road and no, it's not a museum, it's a home.

And that concludes the home section of my trip. If you want to see more beauty in Atlanta, click here


Dorian said...

I'm surprised we didn't bump into you! We were in that same neighborhood sunday morning. I feel in love! I didn’t get to take any pictures so I'm glad you did :).

We always love to drive around and look at the houses when we are in Atlanta, esp. in the Buckhead area there are so many pretty neighborhoods! It makes me want to move there.

paula said...

so gorgeous... I am such a sucker for pretty landscaping.

Whimsy World said...

Rob walked by and said what are you looking at. "Ashley's blog", he was like is that her HOUSE!!!! I had to laugh, maybe one day. He said ask her what to do with our living room ;) It desperately needs help!!!I sent you the floorplan today!

Jennifer said...

I'm 90% sure that the house set back from the street belongs to ATL designer Barbara Westbrook and was in Southern Accents. Good spot!

Britt said...

I'm loving your Atlanta trip recap. We just moved to the area last fall and I haven't really seen much of the city. I think that might have to change now! I love beautiful old neighborhoods - gorgeous!

Heather said...

Such a lovely neighborhood. Each one is nicer than the next!