Monday, August 24, 2009

Atlanta Round 1: Howell Mill Road.

I love this city.

Ah, I had such a wonderful weekend with 3 very fun girls. We literally shopped til we dropped and I am still recovering.
I'll share some fun purchases a bit later but for this post I want to share my favorite {home} shopping district located on Howell Mill Road.
I don't like making statements like "this is the best {fill in the blank} ever!" because my favorites always evolve but if I only had one home store to shop at {and afford} for the rest of my life, hands down it would be Bungalow Classic. I adore the natural elements of this store: it's all sea grass and jute rugs, wicker and sea grass baskets, plush down comforters, tufted linen couches, one of a kind solid furniture pieces, tons of books, nail heads everywhere, yummy candles and light fixtures that make a statement. Ah, it's divine.

Next up, walk across the street to Star Provisions

This is a unique store, when you walk into the main doors you are in the central eating area that sells kitchen and home goods beautifully displayed like Anthropologie. Off the main room there is a meat room with speciality cuts of meat and fish. Than there's a cheese case in the next room and a coffee bar at the back of the store. On the opposite wall there is a bakery and wine wall. It's fantastic, fresh and very gourmet.
Other shopping I enjoyed right around the block included fabric stores: Forsyth Fabric, Silk Trading Co. and Lewis and Sheron...all within 1 mile of each other. It was glorious.
The best part of this shopping stop was Taqueria del Sol. Fantastic margaritas, tacos, guac and queso. If I was a local I'd be here quite often. My friend, and former Atlantan, Jen suggested eating here and it certainly lived up to the hype.


Whimsy World said...

I love the pictures, can I have it all! I wish we had more great shops like those here. Or even better secondhand that sold all that!!!! Glad you had fun.

Little Household said...

...all eye candy!

paula said...

oh my, I would love to take it all! just gorgeous.

Jennifer said...

I agree, Bungalow Classic is IT for me. I've said I would like to move into several stores, but really, Bungalow is my ultimate love!

nkp said...

You've pictured and mentioned some of my favorite hometown "must-sees." Star Provisions, I think, is my version of Heaven. Great round-up!

Anonymous said...
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