Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dream Terrace.

This one is for you, dear Kelly.

Let me give you some background for this post. My friend Kelly or Elly, she'll answer to both, is the single most creative person I know. She currently has 3 jobs: by day she works for Carlton V. fabrics, she serves as the creative director for 100cameras and she is the co-creator of Hello Robertson. She's got talent and energy galore.
I had an email in my inbox this morning from Kelly asking me to send her some of my favorite pictures of outdoor/terrace living spaces for one of her clients {wink,wink} who has a NY apartment with 1050 sq feet of terrace space, yes you read that right, terrace space.
Since I have no visual context for what this space looks like I am going to incorporate the items I think make an outdoor space feel as like the extension of a home.

The picture below incorporates so many successful ingredients: outdoor rug, outdoor drapes {although you might not want to inhibit the Manhattan skyline}, greenery, lanterns, the different textures found in the furniture and pillows, planters, urns, and of course ample seating.

What I do not see but I think would be great is a grill and an outdoor fire pit.

source unknown

I'm hooked on vertical greenery. {You might need to wait until the spring to get that to grow outside? Please excuse me, I'm from Florida I do not know how hard it is to get things to grow on New York walls!}

via: Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles

I love the vertical planters from Smith & Hawken as seen below:

and for an industrial vibe:

via: Newlywed Diaries

Hey Bloggers, do you have any personal favorite pictures of outdoor spaces or recommendations for furniture, rugs, etc that can be useful for this space? All comments are appreciated.


paula said...

Love the inspiration. I wish my brain wasn't on over load this morning so I could be of better help. I do know most outdoor stuff goes on clearance now so it's time to hit up the stores.

meredith said...

does it have a roof? because for about 8months of the year snow would be an issue...

elly e said...

No roof. But lets take that snow fall concept down to about 5 months here. Dont make this Florida girl think such horrible possibilities. Weather proof is important and space heaters will be applied. Honestly the city doesn't get a ton of snow fall mostly just a bit cold outside.