Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The beauty of casters.

I love the idea of mixing industrial/rustic pieces throughout the home. Because really, who likes a home that looks like you went to the store and said "I'll take it all"? No. Decorating and perfecting your home requires time.
It's so fun to see pictures of our house when we first moved in and to see how each room has evolved over time. Whether you are building or updating your home please be patient. Make due with what you have and wait for those perfect pieces.

Below is a coffee table from Wisteria that I believe is the perfect coffee table. It's not too bulky, looks substantial and it also looks like it's been around for a good bit of time.

It would be wonderful to be able to conceal your remote controls in the drawers.
Now in these next 3 pictures from the home of Bobby McAlpine, I spy 3 different set of casters.

I've been talking to my brother in law, Bibb, about building a table with metal, {because he can weld} aged wood and casters. Yesterday I told him I found my inspiration from the home of the architect/designer Bobby McApline. The world is so small. Bibb said. "oh yea, I know Bobby, my dad built most of his homes in Montgomery. He designed the farm house."

More on that farm house tomorrow.


Jade said...

Oh I love that coffee table too! I totally agree, I love it went eclectic pieces go together somehow so right, but not store window perfect. It adds such character and charm. Oh home decorating, how I love thee.

paula said...

LOVE, LOVE that home. I love the caster look too. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Oh, and I have a giveaway on my blog!