Friday, September 18, 2009


My brother in law, Bibb, was raised in the heart of the south, Montgomery, AL.

We had the opportunity to visit when a group of Bibb's families friends threw he and Amy another wedding reception. Yes, they had two receptions and they were both spectacular.
The Cortese family {that's us} invaded Bibb's Aunt & Uncle's farmhouse. They spoiled us. The kitchen was loaded with food, treats and cheese straws.

Here are a few photos of the farmhouse. The excellent choice of materials provided an established vibe. One of my favorite design features were the 4 sets of French doors and the gas lanterns.

I wish I took more pictures of the interior. Just take a look at all of the beautiful materials: Stone fireplace, railroad ties in the ceiling and concrete stained floors. It was magnificent


The Husband said...

The outdoor fireplace was my favorite.

MaryMartha said...

Hey! Love this post...its one of my favorite places to be in world :)
I hate to tell sweet Bibb he's incorrect, but Bobby didn't design the house. Bobby is awesome and that would have been incredible but they just made it up as they were building...I think thats correct :)
Next time your in Montgomery I have another AWESOME FarmHouse to show you. Come anytime...

Whimsy World said...

I love this style.. I think I could easily live in a rustic style home... It makes me wish for fall as well, which is right around the corner for us =)

Smitten Design said...

Oh Bibb, now I'll have to revise my post! We would love to take a trip back to Montgomery. I hear there's an event on Oct 4th!