Monday, September 21, 2009


Now that the kitchen is done I need a new project. An upholstered headboard has been on my radar for over a year now. I certainly know a simple flat board would be the easiest to craft, but I do enjoy some curves. I am sure my obsession with nailheads will come into play for this project. Here are the inspirational images I've been storing.

I adore this headboard below. The combination of linen, nailheads and coral fabric is all too fabulous. I am a bit intimidated by making it though.

This one below might be the winner. I plan to tackle this project by first finding a projector to trace my template onto {does anyone have access to an old school projector? that would be fantastic} Then I will follow the steps that Shannon from the Pink Wallpaper has outlined right here and boom, our guest room will be on it's way to completion. This headboard is not my everyday style but I would love to stay in a hotel room that looked exactly like this. It's the epitome of girly and glam.
Does anyone have a favorite headboard? Does anyone have suggestions for making a headboard {what worked, what you would do differently}? Does anyone have access to a projector? Thanks in advance for the input.
**picture roundup: domino, jon adler, house beautiful, little green notebook, and others I didn't save.


elly e said...

Alright all the rage is upholstered headboards these days. This is the third conversation / press today covering exactly that. First house beautiful this month has a great spread as well as beachbungalow8 posted pics and a how to today.

Tip on the nailheads - Home depot sells boxes of about 15 for 97cents. Silver and Gold.

**side note the pillow in the first picture- is Carleton V.

Finally- Mine from college was a tin piece of wood with a large piece of foam cut to the same size and fabric stretch. I then hung mind directly on the wall. Simple but looks fab if you remember.

Good luck!

paula said...

I helped a friend do a tall rectangle, so easy. I keep on meaning to do a tutorial, but I need to take after pics first. Design Sponge posted a great tutorial and template for a gorgeous headboard last week, so worth checking out.

beachbungalow8 said...

wow. are we all on the same wave length today? great collection of shots. Some that I didn't have thanks!