Thursday, October 8, 2009


I am not one to withhold good information. {This is different than a secret. If you say "Ashley, you cannot tell anyone this but blah blah blah- I am a vault, just so you know}
So, I'm sharing a beautiful blog with you: The Bottom of the Ironing Basket. This gal is from London and has a fantastic eye for beauty. Here are a few snippets of her collected images that had me ready to throw a party in my backyard, travel to Europe and buy an outfit that is entirely too fashionable for Tallahassee.

I cannot wait to give her blog the proper attention it deserves- which would be to start from the end and scroll to the beginning. Enjoy!


Simone said...

Oh,thank you so much for writing about lovely, I am very flattered....THANK YOU!!

I am so glad that you enjoyed my have definitely picked out some of my most favourite images.....that swimsuit is amazing.....and that is my favourite dress too!

Your blog looks just wonderful....definitely the best pumpkin post by far that I have seen - no wonder The Washington Post mentioned you - well done, very exciting to get a mention in print!

I'm off to explore some more....lovely to have found you :)

Thanks again for the very generous comments,

Best wishes from London,

paula said...

what yummy images. can't wait to check it out.