Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy Friday.

Happy Friday! I hope you have adventurous plans for your weekend. My weekend is going to look a bit like this as I plow ahead with my Twilight series. I'm hooked and unashamed. However, my husband misses my attention when I read and I have explained to him I miss his attention when there is sports on TV {how has basketball started already}.

Also if you are in the Gainesville area, come stop by to see me and Jen at our Hello Robertson & Sugar set up.
Also, if you have not purchased yourself John Mayer's Battle Studies CD yet, do yourself a favor and saturate yourself with his lyrical genius-ness.


Simone said...

Oh, I love to hide away with a good book too...enjoy your reading.

Happy Week-end!

Searching for Sporadic Surprises said...

Love that first image! Happy reading!!!

jortsman said...

Who says you can't express yourself w/ words...."genius-ness", who could top that word!!