Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Une nouvelle découverte.

Good morning! I've just discovered a wonderful, new (to me) blog, Simple Song. This girl has such a clean, creative, organized blog. She recently posted about a site which carries unique, French finds; un esprit en plus. I love the industrial, natural, textured, organic-y feel of these items. I love those chalkboard, zinc tags. After watching Man Shops Globe and reading about Mark Sage with his intriguing objects, I am convinced I need to make it over to France for a shopping trip, so maybe I should start playing the lottery.


Anonymous said...

what great images ~ Thanks for sharing your lovely blog find ~

Anonymous said...

these items speak my language.
i like speaking in "industrial".

great find!

Rachel said...

Oooh! These are gorgeous!!
Thanks for passing this site along - I'm definitely going to check out this site.