Monday, February 15, 2010

Events Overload.

I am multitasking at a very fast pace today, but this is the way I prefer to operate - with more to do than can be complete in a day. There are a lot of event details that I need to take care of for work, but I do not want to forget to pass along some wonderful tutorials I've seen on the blogs.
First, from Once Wed fabric poms. These are so precious I'm sure I will be making these to keep on hold for a wedding or baby shower or simply to hang them from my ceiling for any occasion. Next up, an Ice Cream Parlour from Eat Drink Chic
Amy Moss is a graphic designer in Melbourne, Australia. She's incredibly generous with downloadable projects and instructions on DIY projects. Her site is a must visit.


Donna said...

LOVE those fabric cute!!!

City Girl Chicago said...

I operate on overload on a daily basis ~ it's the way I prefer to live too :)

we buy houses said...

Oh! Pink candy colors, it looks so sweet and cute. I like the table presentation.

Kindle said...

Aw1 this is lovely. The colors look very attractive.