Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A place to Lounge.

We are moving some things around in our house. We're about to toss a nasty futon that has been in our office and I'm looking for a replacement. I love the Hannah Sofa from Oly. It would be perfect in our office.

The taylor sofa would work as well because I am looking for additional sleeping space when we have guests during football season.

There are not only beautiful but functional.

I am really enjoying this day bed look. It's low on the totem pole of projects, but if you happen to see a deal, let me know, okay!


Donna said...

I carry a line called "NOIR" furniture - in fact, I think that photo is one of their daybeds...they are fantastically priced, especially compared to OLY (which I love, but could never afford) I love ever pc that NOIR carries!!!

Alaina @ Live Creating Yourself said...

Love all those benches! I am in the same situation for our guest room. Trying to decide between a daybed or a nicer looking futon - is there such a thing? Hah.


paula said...

these are all so gorgeous!

doug said...

I love anything from Oly!

City Girl Chicago said...

I love the taylor sofa, just love it. It makes me want to redesign my living room ~ *sigh* ~

Rachel said...

I'm wanting a daybed for our office too. They're so functional, and I love the look. I'm also looking for a deal, so if I find one, I'll let you know. ;-)