Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Here's a little 9 by Design follow up. The season is already over, however if you missed it you can catch up On Demand. I wanted to share pictures of a hotel on the Jersey Shore they designed: Bungalow.
My favorite element they incorporated was the open bath tub. You cannot see it through this picture but the tub is exposed to the bedroom. No walls, no privacy but who cares- be a free bird. This hotel puts a little class into my preconceived notions of the Jersey Shore (thanks MTV).


this free bird said...

Holy moly. I didn't watch the show, but now I might have to go back and catch it...that open area tub is definitely a spot for a free bird (this one to be exact - ha ha!)

The second to last picture is a DREAM! wow

Rachel said...

Ha ha!! When I read "Jersey Shore", my preconceived notion was probably like yours - ick. But this hotel is so swank and well designed! I'd definitely love stay there!

Creamy White said...

Beautiful place to be for sure! Love it, love it, love it!
Thanks for sharing!
Li :-)