Friday, June 4, 2010

Classic Ralph.

I adore Ralph Lauren. His store in Chicago on Michigan Avenue made such an impression on me. I couldn't wait to see what was around each corner of the store. Every material was so rich and the store oozed with class.
I think he is a branding genius with the global empire to prove it. When I think of Ralph, I think rich wood, aged leather, crisp white and ink blue linens. It takes a lot of restraint from trends to create a timeless and effective brand.
Below are some photos from his home in Jamaica featured in Architectural Digest.

Ralph just opened the flagship store for Europe in Paris. If you have a moment please visit his website and savor his behind the scenes video of the artists and craftsmen who restored a building built circa 1681. I've watched it three times already with the audio on; I even like his music selection with the subtle crackling that makes it sound old.
To my Friends followers, I want to be Rachel Green and work for his store in Paris right now.


Rachel said...

Me too!! Maybe we could be roommates? Paris is expensive... ;-)

I've always loved Ralph Lauren's style. Totally timeless.

Josh said...

RL is the tops. Still remember first...and second...trips to his Michigan Ave store. Apparently, he has a much larger, all menswear, store recently opened in NYC. Fun fact: he started out on the streets of NY making his own ties. He cut them in a classic width which at the time was daring men were wearing very wide ties. He sold them out of the trunk of his car. That's how he started - from nothing. Here's a collection of photos of his ranch in Colorado...

this free bird said...

Yes puh-leeze. Ralph Lauren is the epitome of timeless elegance and class.


first time here and now following. could not resist