Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cool off.

Tony and I visited my family in West Palm Beach last weekend and I spent everyday in my parents pool. I felt like a kid again soaking up the sun and swimming until my fingers pruned. I was a little worried my hair would turn green with the chlorine but luckily it did not.
I have promised myself I will start swimming laps for exercise at an aquatic center near my office. I need to be outdoors and feel like I have a summer break because when you work full time the beauty of summer does not exist! Oh how I miss having a college schedule.
In honor of summer, here are some pools that take my breath away...

Next time you have the opportunity to cool off in a pool I suggest you throw your excuses to the wind and jump on in.

photos: Andreas von Einsiedel, lots from Elle Decor, and unknown.



More pool time = Belly Flop Contests....i'm in

SogniSorrisi said...

It's gorgeous here today - this would be the perfect place to hang out right now.