Monday, July 19, 2010

Just Another Day in Paradise.

Tony and I celebrated our three year anniversary this weekend at, what I consider to be a slice of paradise, Seaside.

We basked in the sun, ate like royalty, toasted to living life together, rented bikes and rode through the picturesque streets (trying to peek into people's houses).

I my hasty packing, I forgot my camera, so here are the photos from my phone.

It's so hard to come back to real life after a trip as wonderful as this. I hope you all are having a productive Monday. I need to have one too.


Whimsy World said...

Happy Anniversary to you two! Glad you were able to enjoy something special!!!

Creamy White said...

Happy Anniversary for your 3rd time and many, many more to come!!!
Enjoy every moment...
hugs, Li :-)

jovi said...

Ash- what did you use to make the pics look so awesome? You need to download the hipsomatic (I think its called) app. It costs money but my friend chelsea has it and its so worth it!

this free bird said...

Thanks so much for sharing and Happy Anniversary. These photos still turned out great :)

trying to have a productive monday myself...oy

Emily said...

Happy anniversary! It looks like you had a wonderful time!