Friday, July 16, 2010

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Do you shop at Zgallerie? I love to visit that store when I get the opportunity. I think their products look better in person and from my experience, they have quality, affordable pieces.
I own this oversized mirror. It is one feature that gets a lot of comments in our house. Women seem to like it and ask where it's from. Men always ask "Are you sure that is supposed to lean? I think it should hang." Or, "It must take a lot of Windex to clean that." Comments of that nature.

I haven't seen this pearl mirror in person but my guess is it's a beauty.

If I was designing a swanky hotel, I would find a home for this geometric mirror.

This round Pierre mirror just caught my eye.

If you prefer the rustic, natural mirrors, Restoration Hardware is King of this class.

Coincidentally, I am looking for a round mirror around 30-36". I am leaning towards the more natural/wood frame but if anyone has ideas or resources, please share.


Beth said...

May be something you like. :)

Chesapeake Chic said...

Homegoods and Marshalls! I've found all of my mirrors in my house thhere. I was just there last week and they had a lot of geometric styled mirrors. Good luck!!

this free bird said...

ZGallerie has the BEST mirrors (as you've noted:))

I have one hanging (well it's going to hang) in my office. Currently leaned against the wall, but I love it and it was not ridiculously priced either!

ps - would love you to stop by and check out the cupcake challenge!! Super cute and lots of fun.

Anonymous said...

My dad can custom build beautiful wooden mirrors. He's done a couple for me and they're awesome! He's located in Thomasville. Just let me know if you're interested. Not sure what he'd charge, but it wouldn't be outrageous for sure. If you're interested, I could find out for you.

Michelle said...

I am dying over the pearl mirror.

ELvina said...

I am looking for a mirror myself, and thought that both Home Decorators & Ballard Designs have a very decent selection at affordable prices. Check them out. Good Luck!

Wowa said...

ashy, ever since matt and i visited you guys in may, he keeps saying "we need to get a mirror like tony and ashley's" ... and has been craig-listing non-stop for all kinds of furniture, esp. a wall mirror like yours!

ps- i'm gonna need you in macon. we found the cutest house to rent and i want your help! :)

Anonymous said...

im so sold on the Italian framed mirror! im seeking something of the same they would make wonderful styling mirrors for my private salon im looking to open soon! if you know where and the name of the style pls share!