Tuesday, February 22, 2011

History Repeating.

If only I knew about these retro under counter refrigerator's when we renovated our kitchen. Perhaps I can trade in our beverage fridge for this pink or blue one?

This cottage, featured in Coastal Living-with-the-pink-fridge, made a big impression on me.

This looks great as well...

Do you think you need a second home for all the fun things like painted stairs, pink refrigerators and bunk beds? I used to, but I'm beginning to believe you don't need to separate time and place to enjoy the snazzy stoves or funky fridges.

More photos of colorful appliances here


ro said...

I have just spent the day reading your blog from finish to start and i loved it, thanks for sharing so much. Roisin (Ireland)

Smitten Design said...

Thank you for spending your time on Smitten Design. I don't know if anyone has read it from start to finish!
What is your blog?

Jenna said...

These fridges are adorable!.. and I love the blue retro kitchen at the bottom... it has a retro theme going on, but is still modern and chic... more inspiration to add to my dream home collection :)


Heather said...

how about the pink fridge on 9 by design- remember the one in the gym? loved it

this free bird said...

i want the pink fridge. or the blue one. and the blue one? oh no.