Monday, March 7, 2011

McAlpine and Tankersley

Last Thursday I blogged about taking a weekend trip to Montgomery, AL. I mentioned in passing how awesome it would be to run into Bobby McApline.
Well...I woke up to this email on Friday morning and I could not have been more thrilled. Let me put it in perspective. It's like telling your 12 year old daughter she's going to meet Beiber. Or telling your husband you bought him tickets to see his football team in a BCS bowl. I was going to meet the rockstars behind the work I admire at McApline and Tankersley.
Greg entertained my glee and our entourage. He introduced us to the staff and took us through the studio office. He showed us plans of completed homes and homes in process. You'll never believe this, all the architectural drawings at McAlpine and Tankersley are done by hand. Greg said there is an ongoing debate about their process, but relying on computer programs can deaden an architect's artistic side. All the beautiful workmanship at the office is created with old school pencils.

Of course I left my camera at the farmhouse so my iphone photos are the only memories I'm left with. The office was an open space divided with linen curtain partitions.

{Me with the rockstar himself, Greg Tankersley}

The lobby: 13' mirror, oversized chandelier with a soft rug underfoot.

They call this their Alice in Wonderland bathroom. It's a bathroom concealed behind a huge, mirrored swinging door.

The entryway also included the antique interior workings of clock tower from France.
Being in the office felt like walking through a wonderland. I loved how hospitable and welcoming they were. Greg, it was quite a memorable experience for me and I appreciate you taking time out of your schedule and indulging me with your world.


greg tankersley said...

What fun! You and your group are certainly welcome to pop by any time when you're back in town. I hope you had a great weekend on the farm.

Sara Caldwell said...

yay! I'm so glad you had fun while you were here! We do have some great treasures, huh!?

paula said...

completely jealous!

Christy said...

Thanks for sharing your visit! The virtual tour, even if conducted via iPhone, was wonderful!

James said...

Definitely jealous. Will have to find my may to Montgomery or Nashville for a visit.