Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Farmhouse.

Allow me to share some details about the farmhouse we stayed in. The land is tucked away; not too far from town, with plenty of privacy.

{I love gas lanterns}

The house is open with a rustic decor.

The gas fireplace wasn't too bad either.

The floors are stained concrete with cut grout lines. Apparently this is an affordable, durable option for flooring.

Here's the crew I was with- doesn't this look like an album cover?

There's our little troublemaker, Buster. Truth be told- we kind of took this trip so he could run wild.

Thank you for the list of things to do in Montgomery. We ate at Tomatinos, the Farmers Market and Dreamland BBQ.


Olivia said...

These pics are awesome. And so is Bibb's farmhouse! May I link?? It's too lovely to refrain from doing so.

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous place! Wish we could get Spanish moss to grow here, but Starkville MS seems to be a little too far north. I enjoy reading your blog! :)

Jenna said...

These pictures are beautiful!... especially the one taken from the counter of the fireplace, that place looks like the perfect place to relax :)


Whimsy World said...

Your hair is soooo long =) Isn't it funny you never see stained concrete with scoring in FL. Around here it is so popular. You find it in homes, churches, offices... everywhere. It has kinda grown on me.

paula said...

so fun! looks so cozy.