Friday, April 29, 2011

Are blogs becoming obsolete?

I'm sorry for being a terrible blogger. Pinterest is sucking up any extra creative time I have in the day, and it makes me toy with the thought of abandoning the blog. If you are not a pinterest member, do yourself a favor and sign up.

What is pinterest you ask? It's your own online bulletin board, divided into categories that stores your images and the link where you found the image. I have several boards going: travel, food, outdoor tubs, events, etc...You can organize the hell out of your life through it. If you are OCD about purging your desktop and bookmarks, you will love this.

And to add another layer: you can follow people and see what their pinning. You can discover new blogs, new websites, and you realize there are so many like-minded, creative, into-the-details-and-wanting-to-make-ordinary-everyday-moments-special people just like you.

Here are some snippets I've pinned.

You can follow my boards here.

Have a wonderful weekend and stay tuned to olde Smitten, there's a fun giveaway next week.


jovi said...

Favorite line in this post: You can organize the hell out of your life through it.

Brittany {Gallery No. Eight} said...

Beautiful post! Pinterest is so fun!

Party Box Design said...

love that... she believed she could, so she did!