Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Hobby.

My coworker used to work for John Derian, and when she invited me over to decoupage I knew exactly what I wanted to make.
I bought a book titled: American Cities, Historic Maps and Views, which is loaded with beautiful images. I've had every intention of using these maps for the last two years and was excited to display them in my house.

Here are a few images from the book:

I selected a crest as my main image.

Then I added parts of Central Park around the border. When it was all said and done, I painted the edges gold, signed the back and numbered it 1.

I have a ways to go until I'm with the caliber of ol' Johnny Boy, but I anticipate I'll spend more time with this craft.
Do you decoupage? I hardly know what I'm doing, but if you're interested I'll teach you how.


Emily Nix said...

This is so cool! Love that gold on the edges.

Smitten Design said...

I'll teach you how. I know you'd create something wonderful.

Livyb said...

That tray is gorgeous! I, too, love the gold edge. I know nothing about decoupage, but oh, how I would love to! Thanks for sharing!

Brittany {Gallery No. Eight} said...

Ooh very pretty!! I love old maps and this is such a cool way to show them!