Monday, April 18, 2011


Let's discuss a great business idea. I'm giving you this one for free.

I often wish I enjoyed food preparation more because I have some great restaurant ideas for the city of Tallahassee. When I go out to eat, I have a sixth sense for ambiance. If the food is to- die-for and the price is moderate, I care less about the setting. Conversely, if the food is expensive and the atmosphere is lacking, I could care less how good the meal was, I will walk away from it thinking "the lights should have been lower, there should be more booths, etc..."

On the corner of Monroe and Tennessee street there is a BP gas station for sale. There are large, operable doors that can open wide for the beautiful spring/fall days we have in Tally. There is a decent sized parking lot, it is convenient to FSU, and walking distance from the downtown businesses. Folks, this is a goldmine waiting to happen.

I think a Taqueria del Sol franchise should take over this place. Taqueria del Sol is a one of a kind restaurant that combines the quality of fine dining ingredients with fast-casual prices, and offers authentic Southwestern selections as well as a variety of Southern-inspired menu choices.

It's divine. Every time I'm in Atlanta I detour to grab a couple of tacos, guacamole and a margarita. It's fast, cheap, there is a great atmosphere and there is typically a line out-the-door.

Wall Street Journal said gas station taquerias are the latest and greatest, kind of like the dozens of self serve yogurt establishments that have invaded our city.

Now Tallahasseeans, let's find an ambitious manager to run this restaurant. I'll give you my unsolicited atmosphere advice.


mary caroline said...

YUM!! I think that's a fabulous idea...I would definitely support it :) They should do it on the corner of Glenview and Thomasville at that abandoned BP station as well!

annie said...

Well I would go...if I lived anywhere near Tallahassee, that is. It does seem like a brilliant idea. Maybe you should go into commercial real estate!

Amanda Hill said...

I love the glass garage doors...I have some similar to the front of my boutique. Great blog to I am a first timer :)

Eva said...

Agreed! I adore taqueria del sol. And it would be walking distance from both of our houses!