Wednesday, April 13, 2011

TRAD Home Review

There's a new online mag. It's the love child of Lonny and Traditional Living called TRAD Home. This first issue featured 20 designers to keep an eye on. As soon as it was announced that Erika Powell from Urban Grace would be featured, I've been eager to read the magazine. {She's a favorite of mine}

This issue is 347 pages long. Last night my husband complained that I wasn't paying attention to him and I think I bitterly said something like: how does it feel? this is how I feel every time the baseball, basketball, {insert any sports team here} is on. I'm very mature.
Anyways, I'm sure I'll come back and read/scrutinize the details more carefully, but let me share the initial features that caught my eye. (In order of the magazine)

Jeff Andrew's kitchen chandeliers. I do not know if this is a new house, but these fixtures make the home feel like it has some history, and I love when people pull that off.

I love the woven chandeliers in the kids play room. I really love anything oversized.

Jolene Ballard and Amanda Malson used outdoor black and white stripe curtains that I think could sass up our screened-in porch.

The women at Bonesteel Trout Hall had items I mentally earmarked as: "I can make that". I'm looking at the image on the left- the upholstered headboard with the large nailheads running vertical, and the mixed material side table.

Tilton Fenwick had her peacock logo used as custom wallpaper and what's not to love about it? You might also love the spindle bed, ikat pillows and coral lamps, I sure do.

Tom Delvan. I can't wait to dig into this guys profile. His space reminded me of Ralph Lauren. There is a lot of integrity in the material and a glamorous/masculine finish. The window hardware, aka a cremone bolt, behind him is to die for.

I have yet to meet a ladder I have not liked...

I also loved the mixed finishes on the pendants and of course the barstools in this kitchen by Gold and Adler

I have also never met chicken wire or a nailhead that I did not like.

With temperatures rising and humidity already setting in, this pool makes me cool down just looking at it. Great job Jamie Herzlinger.

I really could live in the space featured by Ryan Korban. It's simple, there is great texture and well edited pieces in the home.

That bed looks beyond inviting...

Ron Marvin had an incredible mix of textures, colors and light fixtures in this home.

I just convinced my friends husband to buy a large arched mirror, similar to what Amy Morris used in the bottom right corner. I, of course, knew it was a great purchase and I think they will agree.

Next up, Erika Powell. This is a "beach home" with sophistication beyond belief.

My favorite detail was the bar. Check out the antiqued mirror on the diagonal. It looks like it's been around for quite sometime. Not to mention the bar itself is a stunning piece.

4 pendants and 2 islands, love it!

Another mental note with the headboard/bedskirt combo in the picture on the right.

Tie Dye is back folks. {This deserves a separate post}. Just pay attention to it. I love these chairs Lisa Sternfeld used. It's the rooms show stopper.

I want to go shopping with Kim Winkler. You can tell this woman has great sources, it's evident in the little details of this home.

This bathroom reminded me a bit of mine.

Are you still reading this? You probably should have gone and read it for yourself at this point.
Michelle Adams, keep up the excellent work. I can't believe you give us access to this design for free! Thank you for inspiring us and delivering design we aspire to achieve. Thank you also for putting your images in a user friendly "save image as" format. You're number one in my book.

My senses are overwhelmed. This makes me want to turn in my two weeks notice and beg for design clients. Did you feel the same?




Whimsy World said...

I just couldn't do tie dye... even though it has an ikat feel. Everything is beautiful and I love your immature response to neglecting Tony =) Made me laugh!