Friday, April 1, 2011

Wallpaper vs. Stencil

I've been bookmarking a lot of wallpaper sites recently. My problem is, I have not found something in the budget, because I will always pick the most expensive option, and you have to factor in the labor to hang.

Enter Olive Leaf Stencils. Their patterns pack a lot of punch. The space I'm considering is our stair landing. Not a lot of wall space, but I think it could provide interest to a bland wall.

Here are some of my favorites below:

I believe I've stumbled upon a great alternative to wallpaper.

Enjoy your weekend!


Melanie said...

I too have been debating a stencil vs. wallpaper. I am just wondering, can I make it look as good as wallpaper? I am going to bookmark the site you the patterns

Birdie Pearl said...

Ok. So loving this idea! These stencils are great.

Brittany {Gallery No. Eight} said...

Fab indeed! I kinda really like stencils haha

Jess said...

You probably don't remember me, but we have several mutual friends and lots of other things in common, it seems (Kanakuk, interior design, etc..). I hope you don't find this too strange, but I've often thought of emailing you about different design projects. Anyway, since you are looking at wallpaper, paint, and stencils, I thought you might want to check out Flavor Paper: I think it's fascinating!

Smitten Design said...

Jess- Give me your last name or more info. I'm positive I remember you but I need a last name!
Thank you for posting the flavor league link. that is incredible.

Jess said...

Jessica L. Tadlock to be exact...soon to be Hogue (my wedding is in less than 2 weeks! unbelievable!)
Glad you liked Flavor Paper! As soon as I can afford it, I plan to experiment with it in my closet!

John said...

Take a look at which has good range of wallpaper designs at various prices and most of them are quite affordable