Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wine, Wine Wine.

Just outside of Montalcino, there are 150 wineries. We were given the recommendation to tour Caparzo. It was almost too beautiful to describe. I wish I owned several different camera lenses on this trip to capture what I was seeing and deliver it to you in a glorious fashion, but you really have to see and experience it for yourself. I also wish I could bottle up the smell of Tuscany and spray it in every room of my house. It's fresh hilly air with no humidity, mixed with whiffs of rosemary. It's heavenly. Cypress tress line the entrance to Caparzo.

This is a view from the inside of the wine tasting room.

The wine from Carparzo was in the movie Letters to Juliet, which I now have to watch.

I now want cypress trees to border my yard and I would like to plant my rosemary in the ground instead of limiting it's growth to the small pot I've kept it in for the last two years. Those are attainable goals. I'm not asking for a vineyard here cause because that would equal full time work.

If we have the opportunity to go back to Italy, I would make my base in Tuscany and visit more wineries.


sécia said...

Wine is good!

♥ sécia

Amy said...

I love your posts about Italy. Bibb was just talking about lining our front area with cypress when I read your post. We also have a rosemary plant that is overflowing from the pot and may consider planting it in the ground. I love the smell of it and Kate puts rosemary in vases in the house and I love it.