Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hyde Park.

For the 4th, we went to visit with long time friends in South Tampa. Our husbands played all weekend- they had a doubles tennis tournament on Saturday and rounds of golf on Sunday and Monday. They were in their competitive heaven.
Tiffany and I didn't stop either: we did the hardest power yoga class ever (After that class I now believe the skinny, ripped people that say they only do yoga as their workout). We ate great food, we went to a spa, went to the nicest movie theatre I've ever did see and we biked around South Tampa.
I have been a Florida resident my entire life, and we have a really beautiful state, but sometimes this state feels more developed and less historic. I am a sucker for historic neighborhoods and architecture. The streets of South Tampa, specifically Hyde Park, make you feel like you are no longer in Florida. Below are some homes that I shot while we went for a bike ride. This area looks like you are transported to the set of Father of the Bride.

We biked over to Davis Island to see more neighborhoods.

This is Derek Jeter's home when he lives in Tampa for spring training.

If you feel like being a paparazzi, here are your coordinates.

Are there other pockets of Florida like this? Do share.


Amanda Hill said...

Those homes are so charming! What a fun weekend!

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