Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I had a very productive weekend. For months, I've had odds and ends waiting around the house for some undivided attention, and I tackled them.
First up, our stairway gallery wall. I wanted to add more frames to create a more dramatic look. I typically eye ball where my nails should go and hammer away, but I decided to be professional about this. I measured my walls, laid out painters paper, and slowly added each frame to be in the best position. I then traced the frames, hung the painters paper on the wall and mounted the frames. Each time I walk pass the wall, I smile with satisfaction.

I also decoupaged another plate to match my existing plate in our guest bathroom.(First one seen here) I went to the architecture section in the public library; a very scary place in downtown Tallahassee, I recommend taking another person. I picked out a book full of illustrations and decoupaged away!

Now a question, any tips on keeping an orchid alive? I submerged her in water and let her drain. She is sitting in my east-facing kitchen window, but she's not doing so hot. What fertilizer should I feed her? Help!


jennifer little said...

Amazing plates! love.

Sarah Finebloom said...

My mother-in-law is big into orchids and she always says to water them minimally. Maybe when you submerged the orchid it got overwatered... I wonder if you put it outside in the shade for a day if that would help? Just a thought! Love the plates by the way - very pretty!

Sizzler said...

for my orchid i drop an icecube or two in every day or two and it seems to be working really well. it's come back 3 times already! i've read orchids like to have consistenet water levels and do well in sun/slightly warm areas (assuming your east window does that)

Anonymous said...

Too much water. Do the ice cube trick-does work!

Anonymous said...

You are so talented! Love the projects you've been up to lately.

p.s. I water my orchid about 10 oz once a week. It's not in direct sunlight, but definitely gets light. It's managed to stay alive and beautiful for over 3 months.

Sara said...

I'd love to know how to decoupage a plate -- I have been hanging on to a beautifully addressed envelope for months now that I would love to use to decorate a large plate or tray!

Thank you for your lovely and inspiring blog!