Wednesday, August 24, 2011

DIY Shellac

I am recently obsessed with shellac-ing my nails. Are you all on board with fool proof manicure system that lasts for at least two weeks? In not, you should get on board, it's so revolutionary I don't know why anyone would get a regular-old-manicure anymore. I've been looking into the system. They are pretty affordable. By the time you pay for two manicures, you could buy yourself the whole kit.
I'm tempted to spend some upcoming birthday dollars on this system.

I carefully watched the nail technician apply my manicure. All she did was one base coat, two coats of polish and a top coat (with time for each hand to dry in the UV machine).
Should I DIY it? You can come over and I'll paint your nails too and ask "square or round"?


Sizzler said...

I love Shellac (OPI version) but find that having to use special solution to get it off is a pain. The long-lasting part is awesome but I end up at the nail salon MORE since I can't do removal/re-apply on my own...interesting idea to buy your own kit!

Jen said...

OPI is horrible to remove. Shellac by CND (pictured) is so easy - just buff the top layer of topcoat off and soak for maybe 10 minutes, and it comes right off.

I say do it! Totaly worth it, if you have a steady hand to keep the gel on your nail and not skin :)