Thursday, August 25, 2011

Outdoor Dreaming.

I picked up the book, The Southern Living Garden Book, from the library earlier this summer and wanted to share my two favorite gardens.
Suzanne Hudson is a designer in Georgia. She salvaged windows and created a little outdoor sanctuary.

The second was garden designer, Jon Carloftis's garden gate. This acts as a privacy fence for his back yard. It is constructed from a galvanized horse trough and an old piano dolly.
I showed Tony this clever invention and he just looked at me and said no way with his eyes.

While I'm on outdoor rooms, I'll share a few extra features I love. Jamie Durie, if you ever need a backyard to crash, please come to mine and add these features:

An ivy covered wall with killer lanterns and an over sized mirror
A quirky pool or tub.

A fireplace.

A lush walkway.

Or, you can keep it real simple and go for a pool with striped lounge chairs.

Welcome to my outdoor dreaming, what do your outdoor dreams consist of?

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Amanda Hill said...

I could totally hang there!