Thursday, August 11, 2011


Let's talk about invitations. They set the tone. They give you the overall vibe of the wedding. I have seen some stunners. As wonderful as it is to open a custom, letter-pressed and heavy card stocked invite, I inevitably think what am I going to do with this? And I throw them away. Sad, but true.

Now if life was one big blog post, I would letter press and detail orient the heck out of the invite like the following:

If letter pressing isn't in the budget, thick card stock is a nice alternative, and details like the stripes on the envelop are a nice touch:

If you have endless time and volunteers one hand, you can make envelops from doilies:

What are your thoughts? Spend. Splurge. Toss-after-reading. Add it to your scrapbook?

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Amanda Hill said...

Letter press has to be the best thing ever!