Monday, August 8, 2011

Wedding Lighting.

My friend Jovanna is getting married this January. The wedding is in south Florida and the reception will take place outside. I promised her I would round up some images and help her with the planning of her wedding. This week I will dedicate Smitten Design to wedding blogging.

First up, outdoor lighting. We share the same opinion that lighting makes more of an impact than flowers. See below.

Any advice on where we can rent chandeliers (I am just assuming the role of self appointed wedding planner this week)? It's hard to locate a vendor. I am thinking of starting a career in wedding supplies, like Duchess Kate Middleton's mum!


Teri Andrea said...

i love them all! but i my favorite lighting is the waiter doing something at the table.

MeghalinaBee said...

Love the little heart lights! There is a habitat for humanity store off of 17th in sarasota that may have some chandeliers for super cheap! May have to do some restoring to them, but would totally fit the theme! Good luck!

Yolie. said...

You can get cheap ones at Ikea. That's what I used at one of my past weddings. You can rent from Classic Party Rentals, but I don't think it would be insanely cheap, but you wouldn't get stuck with a ton of chandeliers...Chandeliers I've realized aren't even cheap to buy at the Flea, especially if they're real!