Thursday, September 22, 2011

Around Here.

Life has been busy folks, very busy. I wanted to share a few random notes from my life.

This sweater came in the mail today. I am ready for the temperature to drop so I can make it my fall uniform. The neck makes me feel like Rachel Zoe on a shoestring budget.

My mexican sage is in full bloom and it excites me when I pull into our driveway and see the pretty purples.

Are you watching Picker Sisters on Lifetime? I've only seen one episode, and if you are a blog reader, I'd wadger you would like this show. These girls travel the US in (short shorts and boots) a big Tahoe with a trailer and dig through people's trash piles/ salvage yards, and refurbish items into new pieces. They then sell the found items in their store in LA. It's pretty fun, and it makes me want to rent a trailer (with a best friend) and do the same. It's on demand if you've missed episodes like I have.

I have a great project I'll share with you next week.

What are you reading, eating, watching that I should know about? Do share!

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Amanda Hill said...

I am totally TVOing Picker Sisters so great!