Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dining Room Pleats

Remember when I said I had a pleat project coming up? I finally completed it last weekend and wanted to share the results.

I bought my dining room parson's chairs for a steal a few years ago. They are so comfortable and I like providing my guests a cushy chair to sit in. I was not wild about the metal design or the fabric that came on the chair, so I found these slipcovers to conceal the original fabric. The metal design still peeked out at the bottom of the slipcover, and bothered me, so I went about making box pleats to cover the metal.

I'm not so sure I'd recommend this DIY project, unless you are a very patient person. I cannot emphasize how laborious it was to cut the 12 yards of fabric into 7" strips, then measure and iron the pleats every three inches. The sewing was the easy part. By the time I did three, I was thinking: "I will glady pay a seamstress five time more than I spent so I can make this stop!"

Alas, they are done and I'm thrilled with the result, and I will not be touching an iron for several months!


Emily said...

Great job on the pleats! I share the same sentiment about the laborious process of sewing and ironing pleats - it a true test of patience. They are a great addition to your slipcovers!

Amy said...

Great Job Ash!!! Looking good! I am just picturing you ironing all of those now:)

Teri Andrea said...

you're so funny. but i share the same sentiments about ironing...bleh. they turned out great. :)