Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Chicago, Chicago!

I was in Chicago last week for work. With my phone in hand, I snapped away at pretty things. See below:

After seeing these planters, I went out and bought mums for our window box:

I'm one of those taxpayers that is grateful when money is spent on city beautification.

I trudged through the wind and rain to visit Jayson Home and Garden. I've seen their products and advertisements all over the blogs and had to see the store for myself. So glad I made the trip, I am loving everything made from hides these days:

I also visited a couple of floors in the Merchandise Mart: [Wendy, if you are reading this, how great would this wall mounted faucet look as the new ladies/mens room for 7 Rivers?]

Why didn't I think of adding this dog food compartment when we renovated our kitchen?

Perhaps the most beautiful room divider:

I visited my favorite store, the flagship Ralph Lauren store. My first experience in this store almost a spiritual experience. My heart fluttered, I got teary eyed and I was ready to plant myself in the store and never leave - just forward my mail to the 4th floor and give me an oil portrait of my dog, Buster. This trip did not disappoint, but it wasn't as impactful. Still, it's a beauty and worth sharing.

I then moved on to Anthropologie next door. I think these leather details would be a nice addition on my kitchen barstools:

I also bought six rolls of this wallpaper in case we are having a little girl. There are flowers and critters and every color pastel that would lend to a very pretty nursery. If it's a boy, I'll sell them to you. (BTW, I was hoping we would know the gender of the baby, but the ultrasound showed us a baby that was sitting indian-style and would not budge, I should know in three weeks!)

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Jody Bailey said...

Love that wallpaper! I wonder why Anthropologie doesn't have it on their website? I find out on Dec. 7th if we're having a boy or girl, and if it's a girl (and you're having a boy) I might take you up on the offer to buy it!