Wednesday, October 19, 2011

For a baby girl.

So I lied when I said I would post this over 2 weeks ago. If I could really have it my way, I would add a crib and an upholstered rocker into the room below. (This photo is from the lobby of the Montgomery McAlpine/Tankersley office that I toured in February.) I can easily imagine a little girl delighted to roll around on that unbelievably soft rug and stare at herself in an over-sized antique mirror with a glitzy chandelier...
It certainly is not a traditional nursery, but that's the beauty of blogs, I can dream.

If it's a girl, I would like to mix in blue with pink or coral. I enjoy pink, but I've never been an all- out, unabashed lover of pink. I'm just not that girly and I think blue will jive with the rest of my house. I do love a stripe silk curtain, and since we have four windows in the nursery, I will have to make 8 curtain panels. I still love the KWID flamestitch pattern (as seen on the pillows). How cute are those two kids? I had to throw them in there.

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Amanda Hill said...

Such a great color combo! So excited to see the progress!