Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Week 20.

This pregnancy is flying by. My friend Emily is doing a pretty darn good job at documenting her weeks. I am going to be a copy cat and update this every 4 weeks.

How do I feel?

I am thankful, I have felt pretty good this pregnancy. My main symptom is fatigue (and acne like a teenager), but I know it could be worse. Well, I am a bit more hormonal than I am used to (impatient, prone to tears and stress) and other symptoms that I will withhold from the blog.
What do I crave?

For the first 17 weeks, carbs. Pizza, pasta with plain sauce, croissants, bagels, buffalo chicken and blackberries (not together). I finally feel like I can control my diet again and veggies sound really great again.
What surprises me?

For the most part, I haven't felt pregnant. This past week, there is a definite bump and I am beginning to feel faint kicks and the baby moving. I am at the half way mark and I'm starting to feel behind already. (No registry, no daycare plans, no reading on my part on sleeping methods). I am planning to get on the ball in the New Year.
What am I looking forward to?
This week we find out if this baby is a boy or a girl. I certainly have a feeling, so we'll see if this mother's intuition really exists.


Jessica said...

Can't wait to learn!!! So excited for you Ashely:)

foodchick said...

Good luck!! Love the striped sweater. Who makes that? Im a sucker for a tot in horizontal stripes!

Whimsy World said...

Good Job on Mama's intuition ;) And I just have to smile at worrying about sleeping methods...there are things to be learned but ultimately until the little one comes you wont know what works! I'm glad your not sweating the details just Enjoy!!