Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Maternity Shoot:: Sugar Photography.

My dear friend Jen, of Sugar Photography, graciously did a little maternity shoot before she moved from Tallahassee to Ft. Collins.
I kept wanting to cancel it, because in pregnancy I am doing my best to avoid all photos. I was thinking of excuses like:

"Tony can't be here", which she replied, "that's okay, we don't need him here."
"Oh, well um, I have a lot of appointments at work this week", which she shot down and said "Well pick a day I can come."

She saw right through my insecurities and said very wise words, like:
One day you will want to have these photos and you will be glad you have them.
You are only going to get bigger in this pregnancy.
Your next pregnancy you will look at these and say, look at how small I was.

So we hung out for our final time in Tallahassee, and she snapped away. She was right, I am so happy I did these. Now I just need little Reid to arrive...5 weeks to go!


elly e said...

Umm hi, you can't even tell you are prego in most of these missy! Honestly the only ones you can tell are the bottom few. How adorable you are and how sad I am that I can't see you with you belly. Can't wait to meet you new man!

All my love.


Beth said...

Ash--you are stunning. I'm speechless over this shoot! Jen did a fabulous job at capturing the gorgeous woman and mama to be you are.

Laura Kohly Thompson said...

ash, you don't even know what you are talking about. you are glowing (you really are) and gorgeous!!! you have the cutest little belly! wish i could see it in person :( and i admire you!


Teri Andrea said...

this is absolutely beautiful. kudos to jen! ash - you're stunning. i'm so glad she saw right through you!

kelly honhart said...

you are beauuuutiful! you work that bump! :o)

HOOTENANNY...Jennifer Jacks said...

Fabulous photos! I wish I could say I was this small during my recent pregnancy!

Sanders Family said...

Just found your site, love it! Where is your lace top from?

Tabitha said...

You look GORGEOUS!! These photos are so perfect. <3

Lindsay said...

These are such beautiful pictures! You will love having these as keepsakes :)