Sunday, March 4, 2012

March Forth.

Envision a world where marginalized children are empowered to renew their communities by sharing their perspectives with the world.100cameras teaches children how to tell their story through photography. With cameras in hand, the children become the storytellers in ways that a foreigner could not. This non-profit, based in NYC, has been traveling around the globe, giving children cameras and asking them to document their day. The photos in my post are all from their recent trip to Cuba.

These trips encourages the children to share their lives and results in higher levels of confidence and ownership in their identity. And ultimately, in their future.By giving children a chance to share their perspectives and be heard, they are given the opportunity to better their own future.

Want to help? Browse their many photos. Buy photos , cards or a t-shirt and know that 100% of the money from the children's purchased prints is used to raise awareness and capital to meet physical needs within the children's community.

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