Friday, August 24, 2012

Still there?

Nearly one month since a blog post, shame on me.

It goes without saying, but life has been busy. I have been spending my waking moments dividing time between my son, my real job and thankfully working with other people on design projects. The last two months have been a little rough. My husband was working out of town and that single mom gig is for people tougher than I. Thankfully he is back and we are finding our routine.
 I know you are just dying to see an update of Reid (entertain me, ok)
Earlier this month the FSU Film School hosted our annual gala/fundraiser. We always bring some of our stellar alumni to talk with the students and donors. This year one of the alumni that returned was Lauren Miller. She has a new movie coming out August 31st, For a Good Time Call... It's a female friendship comedy with the backdrop of running a phone sex line. It's pretty hysterical in a raunchy kinda of way. (I found myself blushing at parts. I wouldn't recommend watching it with your parents or on a first date, but go see it with girlfriends). 
Below is a photo from the screening with a Q & A with the writers, actors and the cinematographer: 
 Lauren Miller (FSU alum, actor and writer) is married to Seth Rogen, but of course the point of this was to celebrate Lauren's work, she being our alumni and all. They were very down to earth and talked to everyone. I am sure they were worn out from the event. For more photos hop over to Jen's blog. She did a wonderful job of shooting the event.

Jen sent me these images of chatting with Seth. I wish I was cool enough to not act like a groupie, but in Tallahassee, these celeb sightings are few and far between. I was stoked to talk to him.

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