Friday, August 30, 2013

DIY Roman Shade

Guys, I made black out roman shades for our bedroom... with a hot glue gun.

 During Reid's nap.

 It was that easy. 

I've had this fabric from The Designers Attic just sitting in my closet and I felt it was time to add something over the blank white shade from Home Depot (similar ones found here). In case you are wondering how to, I won't insult your intelligence by adding photos of me hot-glue-gunning the fabric onto the shade, but I will answer questions you might have: No, the glue did not seep through the fabric. I simply glued along the edge, going 4-6 inches at a time: glue, press down fabric, repeat. I also added a little 1" linen band to the edges. These shades are operable, but we like to sleep in a cave-like setting and leave them down, so I doubt they would hold up if you try to open and close them daily. 

It's a project worth trying if you are a girl on a budget. 

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