Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Oxford Exchange.

I have been guilty of over-hyping things that excite me. Usually my enthusiasm is towards TV shows: (ahem.... Veep), but I recently went to the Oxford Exchange in Tampa and one would be hard pressed to over-hype this establishment. The Oxford Exchange is a bookstore, restaurant, coffee + tea bar, and a boutique that also offers office/meeting spaces. It was inspired by England's private clubs and libraries. 
Let me tell you some of the details: there is brass everywhere, pine floors in a herringbone pattern, sisal carpet from wall-to-wall in the meeting rooms, dark paneled walls, leather tufted Chesterfield sofas, a retractable roof in the courtyard, and dome chairs (you know my love for those). My heart raced with excitement the first time I visited the Oxford Exchange and it has me awake in bed at night wondering how I could create an establishment with the same vibe in Tallahassee.

Take a look and if you are visiting Tampa, you have to schedule a trip here.

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